Deep Learning & Computational Photography Developer at Polarr

San Jose, San Francisco, Mountain View · Full Time

Polarr's vision is Big Brains in Small Devices. Our team is committed to exploring new possibilities in the intersection of creativity and productivity, and bring new interactive experiences to the world using efficient and effective A.I.

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Job Description

Polarr is looking for a M.S. or PhD in CS/EE/Math/Stats with strong research and engineering background to help develop new DL or CV based algorithms for computational photography.

Your Role:

You will be working on enhancing various aspects of modern photography, from fake detection, denoise, super-resolution to quality / composition evaluation. Your work will be integrated into products used by Polarr's 10+ million photographer user base, as well as upcoming SDKs shipping to vendors and suppliers. You will also have opportunity to work other PhDs, or publish paper with other research labs around the world.

Required Skills:

1) 5+ years of experience in computer vision, artificial intelligence or machine learning
2) Strong multivariate statistics, discreet math, linear algebra skills
3) Had hands-on experiencing of using DL/ML frameworks and models
4) Able to write clean, robust, and memory leak free code

Good to have:

1) Strong knowledge of Javascript, Swift or Java
2) Knowledge of OpenGL, WebGL or Metal Performance Shaders

Benefits and other considerations:

1) Ownership of technology and/or products
2) Small, flat team dynamic with no politics
3) 15 paid vacation days plus national holidays
4) Free lunch every day
5) Work from home every Friday
6) Free travel opportunities to China
7) Dental and health insurance
8) We sponsor H1B and Green Card

Interview Process:

We will first schedule an introductory call, after that, we don't have a technical interview other than having you finish an offline assignment. The assignment will take about a day to finish and will be used as the sole factor to measure your technical ability and fit for this role. If the team is happy about the assignment, we usually issue an offer within 48 hours. Our team does not pool candidates so offers are always based on first come first serve basis.

The assignment for this position is located at https://slack-files.com/T034U993N-F89GGLU4T-0bd64315c2

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What We're Building

Polarr is a computational photography company focusing on Computer Vision (C.V.) and A.I. The company has created one of the most successful and two-time best of Apple App Store winning pro photography app; in the meantime developing its own Polarr Vision Engine for internal usage as well as helping others to build immersive C.V. experiences on the edge.

Polarr Vision Engine includes a rich set of self-trained neural network models intended for immersive C.V. applications. Each model is compressed and optimized for size, ram usage, and power consumption for edge deployment. The Engine has already been adopted by some of the largest public consumer electronics companies in China, Korea, and United States, and is currently expanding to customers in drone, home appliances, e-commerce and image storage solutions.

Website and products US: https://www.polarr.co/
Digital Magazine/Blog: https://medium.com/@pixelmagazine
Twitter: @polarrist

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