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Polarr's vision is Big Brains in Small Devices. Our team is committed to exploring new possibilities in the intersection of creativity and productivity, and bring new interactive experiences to the world using efficient and effective A.I.

What We're Building

Polarr is a computational photography company focusing on Computer Vision (C.V.) and A.I. The company has created one of the most successful and two-time best of Apple App Store winning pro photography app; in the meantime developing its own Polarr Vision Engine for internal usage as well as helping others to build immersive C.V. experiences on the edge.

Polarr Vision Engine includes a rich set of self-trained neural network models intended for immersive C.V. applications. Each model is compressed and optimized for size, ram usage, and power consumption for edge deployment. The Engine has already been adopted by some of the largest public consumer electronics companies in China, Korea, and United States, and is currently expanding to customers in drone, home appliances, e-commerce and image storage solutions.

Website and products US: https://www.polarr.co/
Digital Magazine/Blog: https://medium.com/@pixelmagazine
Twitter: @polarrist

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Jobs at Polarr

Polarr Team

Borui Wang
Founder @Polarr@Forbes 30Under30 • Studied at @Stanford University • Worked at @Google, @Qualcomm , @University of Wisconsin, Madison
Derek Z. H. Yan
CTO/Cofounder @Polarr
Mark Paraschuk
iOS engineer who wants to lead the development of beautiful products that elevate the daily experience.
Emily von Hoffmann
Journalist & content strategist. Editor of Pixel Mag by Polarr. Social at GitLab. Alumna of The Atlantic Fellowship. Hoya Saxa.
Daniel Vershinin
Cocoa/iOS developer at @Polarr. Semibold Mammoth co-founder. Objective-C developer and UI/UX specialist.
Sam Sabri
Worked at Microsoft, Windows Central.
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