Jobs at Pointvoucher

We facilitate the connection between consumers and brands in a fun and rewarding way.

Ultimately people should be able to live by consuming the entertainment we provide together with our partners and see pointvoucher.com as THE platform where they will find the most rewarding fun in the world. Read More

What We're Building

Pointvoucher provides an entertainment platform for consumers and a marketing platform for brands. Consumers can download exciting branded mobile games and play their way to real products and experiences for the time they spend interacting with the games. Vouchers can be claimed in the branded voucher shops connected to the game or in the Pointvoucher shop where they will be exposed to games from other partners. Brands will get a plug n play marketing platform with high conversion rates, data & permissions, drive to shop mechanism, huge engagement rates and access to new customers through the platform.

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Jobs at Pointvoucher

Pointvoucher Team

Nicolai Elmqvist
Visionary leader, proven entrepreneur and business developer with hands-on experience in creating digital startups and award winning creative agencies....
Marek Chovanec
User Experience Designer - passion, innovation and open-mindedness
Konstantin Mikhailov
Worked as a R&D Director in Lintelus Inc. Co-Founded Signe Networks. Co-Founded KiQ Toy.
Ieva Svaldenyte
Marketing Coordinator @Pointvoucher Keen on content marketing, city branding & sports events.
Pernille Torstein Thomsen
Digital Producer at Pointvoucher

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