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Point One Navigation

Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Point One Navigation

San Francisco · Full Time
We're an early stage startup and super excited about the future of robotics. We are enabling all kinds of amazing new applications by making it easy for robots to know where they are with extreme accuracy. We're obsessed with what self driving cars will do for the future and the robots that come after that. Our team members have built multiple autonomous vehicles, race cars, space rovers, satellites and more. We're looking for people who share this passion and want to join a small team that will make an enormous impact. Read More
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Job Description

You'll be working together with our world class algorithms and embedded engineering team. This role is for a generalist, so you should be an expert working on embedded Linux and directly on bare metal.

Things you'll work with everyday:
- Application code development in C++
- Embedded peripherals and drivers (UART/CAN/SPI/I2C)
- Wireless communication systems (Cellular, Wifi, BLE)
- Networking protocols (TCP/UDP)
- Embedded Linux
- FreeRTOS or similar low level RTOS

- Bachelors in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or both
- 4+ years experience in real world applications involving embedded systems
- Demonstrated understanding of software design principles

- Masters degree or similar job experience
- Experience with algorithm packages (Eigen, OpenCV, etc.)
- Worked with TI M4 class processors
- Worked with Linux on ARM processors
- Worked with Embedded GCC
- Experience with automotive systems or UAV systems

- Generous early stage equity package in a venture backed startup
- Offices at Pier 9 Workshop with unlimited training on almost every machine shop tool imaginable
- Healthcare and dental
- Flexible work hours

Candidates should be able to start immediately.

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What We're Building

Point One Navigation is building a precise location service with accuracy down to a few centimeters at a cost 100x less than existing solutions. We use unique sensor fusion techniques and a network of sensors to determine location with unrivaled precision and cost.

Our system is specifically designed for use in self driving cars, autonomous drones and other applications that require precise and continuous location and attitude at a low price point. More info available at

Another day in the office.
Winning car at Self Racing Cars 2017
Our positioning system integrated into a photogrammetry drone
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