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PocketConfidant is a real-time confidential coaching technology.

You would:
— Become a part of truly international and multidisciplinary group
— Build the career in tech that you desire: focus on development, research or business
— Enjoy the team that is flexible, strives for personal development and professional ethics
— Receive compensation, suited to your personal goals
— Live in the city you love, work from anywhere

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What We're Building

PocketConfidant AI is an innovative start-up developing the first virtual coach powered by A.I. Our goal is to be a preventive tool, supporting individuals going through personal, professional or academic transitions, helping them develop the skills they need to enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills and become more resilient and self-confidant.
PocketConfidant is a tool to open millions of individuals to personal coaching conversations in real-time, which are confidential and self-paced. We do not advise, diagnose or influence. Through language-based technologies, we are enabling people to develop the required skills to become more resilient and proactive in dealing with the many challenges of daily life.

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Open Positions


Olivier Malafronte
Passionate Founder, 4 start-ups experiences, 1 failed project. Worked an lived in 5 countries. Creative and enthusiastic mind.
Nikita Lukianets
CTO @PocketConfidant AI, PhD candidate Computational Neuroscience, worked at Microsoft and Continuum Innovation, UX evangelist; Founder of @LimeJam
Bilge Aksu
Software Engineer, Masters in Machine Learning
Jyoti Mishra
Data Scientist, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Algorithms, NLP, Image Processing, Theano, Keras, Lasagne
Radu Cojocaru Serban
Bachelor in CS. Self starter. Front-end engineer @PocketConfidant AI