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PocketConfidant AI

Deep Learning NLP Engineer, PhD at PocketConfidant AI

Nice, Remote, Remote · Full Time

You would:
— Become a part of truly international and multidisciplinary group
— Build the career in tech that you desire: focus on development, research or business
— Enjoy the team that is flexible, strives for personal development and professional ethics
— Receive compensation, suited to your personal goals
— Live in the city you love, work from anywhere

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Job Description

As a Deep Learning NLP Engineer at PocketConfidant AI, you will work at the frontiers of unresolved problems in understanding and generation of the natural language. You will rely on conversational data from proprietary and open datasets to design and implement Deep Learning methods for Natural Language Processing to improve our product’s coaching intelligence. Deep Learning NLP Engineer will work in our AI team and will play closely with professional psychologists, linguists and software engineers to make the user experience personal, proactive and empathetic.

* You are not afraid to learn new things
* You are self-motivated
* You are persistent and tenacious
* You do not mind getting your hands dirty to make a real impact

* Build and enhance language models for coaching
* Identify the behavioral patterns from depersonalized conversational data
* Transform unstructured linguistic data into meaningful insights

* PhD in Deep Learning/NLP
* Great communication skills
* Perfect command of the English Language
* Proficient experience of code versioning tools, such as Git+GitHub
* Your experience in Chatbot or Virtual Assistant development would be a great plus.
* Experience in Coaching/Psychology is a great plus too

* Interviews: July-September 2018
* Hired: October 2018

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What We're Building

PocketConfidant is an Enterprise 2.0 software using natural conversations to hack people's thoughts and make them more productive.

PocketConfidant AI Team

Olivier Malafronte
Founder CEO, hustler, 4th startup experience, Sales/Marketing BtoB, certifed coach, worked and lived in 5 countries.
Nikita Lukianets
CTO @PocketConfidant AI, worked at Microsoft and Continuum Innovation, UX evangelist; Founder of @LimeJam
Isla Reddin
Coach, entrepreneur and facilitator, working on the potential of connecting ideas, people, challenges, opportunities and solutions.
Ankit Kejriwal
Product designer. Stanford Igniter. Remote work evangelist. Founder @TuringLabs. Ex-InnerChef, Cisco.
Bilge Aksu
Machine Learning Engineer
Radu Cojocaru Serban
Bachelor in CS. Self starter. Front-end engineer @PocketConfidant AI
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PocketConfidant AI Investors

Richard Weil
Partner, Mount Wilson Ventures