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Malware Reverse Engineer Intern at PNF Software

Mountain View · Internship

For engineers who love binary code and want to be part of a small team, financially sound company that provides cutting-edge tools and solutions to the computer security industry.

Job Description

We are looking for a highly motivated reverse-engineer, preferably with a CS/CE background, familiar with lower-level computer engineering concepts as well as program analysis concepts.

You will work with our product JEB to reverse-engineer and document malicious software!

The ideal candidate...
- has some amount of experience reverse-engineering x86, ARM or MIPS binaries;
- has a thirst for learning and understanding how things tick;
- is excited to take things apart to understand how they work (sometimes in their finer details with no or little documentation);
- is meticulous and articulate.

Expect an unusual interview process involving reversing code. Please submit one or two projects where you did reverse-engineering along with your application.

Duration: 3+ months

What We're Building

PNF Software is a startup that builds JEB, a modular reverse engineering platform for professionals. Its extensible nature allows reverse engineers to perform disassembly, decompilation, debugging, and analysis of code and document files, manually or as part of an analysis pipeline. Our desktop product is used by thousands of paying customers worldwide to reverse engineer state-of-the-art malware or perform code audits. Customers include: domestic and foreign government agencies, defense contractors, anti-virus vendors, security consultants, research labs and universities, and large technology companies.

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Nicolas Falliere
Founder @PNF Software • Building cutting edge code analysis software for the security industry • Worked at @Google, @Symantec • Studied at @INSA Toulouse
Joan Calvet
Security researcher @PNF Software. Worked for @ESET.