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Interactive Decompilation for Software and Code Analysis

For engineers who love binary code and want to be part of a small team, financially sound company that provides cutting-edge tools and solutions to the computer security industry.

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What We're Building

JEB is a reverse-engineering platform to perform disassembly, decompilation, debugging, and analysis of code and document files, manually or as part of an analysis pipeline by use of its API.

Our desktop product is used by hundreds of customers worldwide to reverse engineer malware or perform code audits. Customers include: domestic and foreign government agencies, defense contractors, anti-virus vendors, security consultants, research labs and universities, and large technology companies.

Our flagship modules are decompilers. We currently have support for:
- Android decompilers (APK, Dalvik)
- ARM decompilers, with support for Android native libs and Linux programs
- Intel (x86, x86-64) decompilers, with support for Windows malware analysis
- EVM decompiler for Ethereum smart contracts
- WebAssembly decompiler for web apps and EOS/wEVM smart contracts analysisd

Full product description and plugins list:

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Jobs at PNF Software

PNF Software Team

Nicolas Falliere
Founder @PNF Software • Building cutting edge code analysis software for the security industry • Worked at @Google, @Symantec • Studied at @INSA Toulouse
Cedric Lucas
Worked at PNF Software, Amadeus. Went to INSA Toulouse
Joan Calvet
Security researcher @PNF Software. Worked for @ESET.

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