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Note from Philipp

I'm doing 10-20 investments per year. I invest early and make fast decisions.

As a Venture Partner at 500 Startups, backers can invest alongside my investments from the 500 Startups fund. As such, all investments are vetted and approved by the 500 Startups partners and enjoy the same rights that 500 gets in these deals.

My pitch to founders is a better network than most European investors in both Europe and the US. I have worked with tons of founders, investors, and other startups across the world. I can provide operational advice on everything from starting up to fundraising, company growth, and BD, built on insights from more than 120 companies which I was an investor in while at Seedcamp and DuMont.

My pitch to investors is my pitch to founders. Helpful and well connected investors are good investors.

What do I look for?

I like investing in great founding teams that know what they’re doing - founder/market fit is probably my most important criteria for investing. I love founders that are scrappy, absolute nerds about what they are doing, and great engineers and designers.

People I’ve previously worked with founders and companies that fall into these categories such as Geoff & Julia at EDITED, Kristo & Taavet at Transferwise, Jörg, Kai and Christoph at Lieferando, and Ankush & Arush at Hundreds of other entrepreneurs I’ve spent time with at AngelList, Seedcamp, and DuMont showed me that personal passion and unique insights from previous experience are a killer combo that is hard to beat.

Focus areas

I like consumer products that have an excited early user group, I like SaaS products that are helping companies focus on their core competencies, and I like “prosumer” products that make people better at what they do, be it professionally or in their hobbies.

I don’t like drive-by founders, non-technical teams, or clones. All of these often result in boring companies that are easily replaced by a better financed competitor.

My focus will be on Berlin and London, since I’m there most often, but will also look at companies from other places in Europe, since great founders come from everywhere.


  • I will syndicate every investment I do, as long as the allocation is large enough to set up a syndicate (at least a $100K allocation for the syndicate).

  • 500 Startups will invest alongside with 50-100K in each deal I syndicate. These investments are made as part of my venture partner role for 500 Startups.

  • There might be companies where out of legal, regulatory, or other issues the syndicate can not invest. In those cases, I will let the syndicate know about the deals I am doing and will try to arrange backers to invest directly. The most likely victim will be Germany based companies.

  • To stay fair to other leads, I will not invest in deals that I can only access because of my position at AngelList.

  • If another lead is investing in a deal I'm looking at, I will suggest my backers join the other lead's syndicate for the deal.

  • I expect backers to invest in the majority of the deals I propose, but am not mad if you opt out.

  • Don't back me if you are not comfortable with risk, little information, or failures.

Mentors & Advisors

My time with Seedcamp and 500 Startups has shown me the immense benefit mentors can bring to early stage startups. I strive to help my portfolio across the startup lifecycle, providing early industry and product advice, fundraising connections, and growth/marketing support.

The mentors are a trusted close circle of folks I've previously worked with - the list will grow and I will add dedicated mentors for specific companies. All mentor relationships are double-opt-in.

David Noël
VP at SoundCloud, @Seedcamp mentor, speaker, airplanes, pandas.
Jan Senderek
Product Manager at Dropbox, previously founder @Loom (acquired by Dropbox). YC (W12) alum.
Nicolas Steegmann
Senior Director, GoPro. Co-founder and CEO, Stupeflix. Product Manager, Exalead.
Andreas Klinger
CTO at @Product Hunt Dev/Product/Metrics kind of guy Mentor at several accelerators
Karl Moritz Hermann
Senior Research Scientist at Google DeepMind. Previously CEO at Dark Blue Labs (exit to Google), and McKinsey & Company (found the exit in time).
Lars Rasmussen
Cofounder @Weav Music & @Cute Little Apps. Former e-dir @Facebook. Cofounder @Where 2 Tech. Sold to @Google to make Google Maps. Started Google Wave.
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Frederik Fleck
Serial Entrepreneur, two exits, one company > $100m revenue, interested in mobile, fin tech,crowd sourcing, ...
Tyler Willis
Angel Investor
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Techno-optimist. Occasional Asteroid Hunter.
Can help with
“I've been on the founding team of two startups, and run both marketing and partnerships teams. I tend to be helpful around thinking through marketing or...more
Armando Biondi
Cofounder @AdEspresso, acquired by @Hootsuite in Feb 2017. Investor in 50 startups + @AngelList Lead. Guest Contributor, former Radio Speaker, proud #500strong
Stefano Bernardi
Co-Founder and Partner @Mission and Market Previously co-founded @Kickpay (YC W15) and was at @Betable, @500 Startups and @TechCrunch. BSc Computer Engineering
Nicola Junior Vitto
Head Of Product
Love: Internet, Startups, Tech, Finance, Lean Products, Wine&Food, Sport. CTO @ShopFully Founded @Blomming Formerly @Yoox @Expedia @Ubiquitytlc
Can help with
“Help recruiting tech and product people, test the business models ideas for SaaS and e-commerce startups, tech architectures for large scale products, UX/UI,...more
Christian Reber
Founder @6Wunderkinder
Andreas Klinger
Product Manager
CTO at @Product Hunt Dev/Product/Metrics kind of guy Mentor at several accelerators
Phil is the german one-man-army and beating heart of @seedcamp. One of the few no-bullshit people in europe's startup scene. If you have the chance, get in contact with him.
Andreas Klinger
Founder of a company Philipp Moehring invested in
It's true - he does answer email faster than you. But seriously, Philipp is awesome and always helpful across the whole gamut of entrepreneur problems. His special skill is not sugarcoating.
Fred Stevens-Smith
Co-worker at a company Philipp Moehring worked for
Phil is Seedcamp's Swiss army knife.

He gets things done quickly and efficiently, but what I love the most is that he is brutally honest when providing feedback.

Would recommend Philipp to every early stage startup.
Tomaz Stolfa
Founder of a company Philipp Moehring invested in
Phil is the uber-connector of europe, he's credible, intelligent, and adds the most value of all advisors within the Seedcamp ecosystem. Don't start a startup this side of the atlantic without him.
Geoff Watts
Founder of a company Philipp Moehring invested in
Philipp has vast experience dealing with the many issues that early stage startups encounter; he's one of the European scene's #1 connectors; his superpower-like efficiency goes beyond being German; most importantly he actually cares and it shows... oh and he's got an impressive...more
Phil is a great guy.
Like many.
He relentlessly leverages his network, his product flair and his people skills to positively impact outcomes for the companies and founders he's involved with and/or believes in.
Like few.
Philipp has made it easy to get involved with the tech startup scene in Europe. It seems like he always has the patience to explain things to rookies without coming across as patronising, which is so appreciated.
Phil is hands-down the most connected guy I know. He never declined to make an intro and always took time to help us define our fundraising strategy. It is pretty much thanks to him that we got the investors we have on board today. Besides that, he is super intelligent, asks all the right...more
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