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Marketing Manager Intern at Pluto Money

New York City, Remote · Internship
(1) Passion: We're passionate about making personal finance approachable and engaging for Gen Z college students and beyond. It's frustrating that most solutions by both financial institutions and fintech startups don't serve them; the average age of our top competitors' users is 27+! Millions enter the workforce financially illiterate and incapable. We want to change that by helping them during their most formative years in college and growing with them. Read More
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Job Description

Pluto is the first mobile money management platform with a focus on Gen Z college students, and is backed by the top fintech startup accelerator in the world. We use behavioral & data science to make personal finance approachable & engaging for this financially underserved, up-and-coming population.

As our first Marketing Manager Intern for our campus ambassador program, you'll help shape and operate our pilot campus ambassador program across multiple U.S. colleges this fall. You'll be a key player in our mission to improve the financial literacy & capability of millions of college students.

What You'll Do
• Help formulate innovative, cost-effective strategies for the Pluto ambassador program
• Help manage and streamline program operations around areas such as but not limited to resources, accountability, compensation and communication
• Work closely with the founders & campus managers

What You'll Gain
• Valuable experience working in an early-stage startup backed by the top fintech startup accelerator program in the world
• Access to the network of one of the world's top accelerator programs
• Strategic marketing, marketing management and operational management skills
• Strong recommendation letter from the founders for future employers
• Dedicated career mentorship from the founders
• Pluto swag

Basic Requirements
• You primarily use an iPhone, and are able to actively use Pluto!
• You're at least a sophomore and full-time student at a U.S. college.
• You care about bringing financial wellness to college students across the U.S. at scale.
• You have some prior digital marketing and/or brand ambassador experience.
• You have strong research, analytical and problem-solving skills.
• You pride yourself in being able to think creatively and outside the box.
• You're not afraid to ask stupid questions and voice your opinion.
• You're comfortable enforcing accountability and handling operational gaffes.
• You naturally seek efficiency in processes and solutions.
• You're self-motivated and enjoy taking initiative.
• You're a team player with great collaborative and communication skills.
• You're good and comfortable with numbers.
• You can work at least 4 hours a week.

Bonus Points
• You'll be located in NYC from September to December.
• You've held at least one leadership position on campus before.
• You have experience with operational, program and/or project management.

• Paid (stipend)

• Part-time for 3 months

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What We're Building

Pluto uses behavioral & data science to guide Gen Z college students towards their financial goals in an approachable way. Users save for their goals by doing simple challenges tailored to their finances. Users can also anonymously compare their finances with similar peers using our peer data comparison engine.

• Guides users to create near-term saving goals (#wishlist #bucketlist #adulting).
• Analyzes users' finances from linked bank data to recommend simple challenges they can take to reach goals. EX: Spend $30 less than your avg on eating out this week, save that $30 for Coachella.
• Gives contextual insights in the form of peer comparison & personal insights—which users can take challenges from.

Our goal-challenge system can eventually scale to other types of financial goals, like improving credit score & paying off student debt. We're building towards a predictive, goal-based neobank for Gen Z.

Pluto is backed by the Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars (NYC).

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