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Your most candid photos are lying on your friends phones. Get them!

We are looking to solve a big problem - "private photo sharing" which has been attempted by many but we believe hasn't been solved by any. Over 60% people believe that their most candid photos might be on a friend's camera and might have never been shared with them. Trillions photos are taken each year globally, of which only about 12-15% are ever shared, even though over 60% of the photos taken are of other people. There are public sharing platforms - Facebook, Instagram, etc but not all photos are meant to be shared publicly.. though almost every photo can be shared privately with someone! We are looking to rediscover these trillions of photos and give them a new lease of life.. share them with people they really belong to. We are using our proprietary algorithms for solving this problem while creating the easiest photo sharing platform available on the mobile device. Read More
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Stealth mode - Easiest cross-platform photo sharing app.

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Plix Team

Vishal Bhargava
Strong growth hacking, tech, investing and business background- Co-founder iMediaBlitz (2005), Co-founder Favista (2012). BTech(EE) IITB, MBA INSEAD