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Inspiring the inventors of tomorrow

Piper is used in classrooms all over the world to inspire and engage children with programming, design and engineering. There is no better way for students to discover technology than by building it. We are a mission-driven organization impacting education and helping students build real workforce-ready skills. We go to work every day knowing we’re helping to improve education for millions. That’s a job perk, which is better than free meals, though we have those, too.

What We're Building

Our first product is a computer that kids build and program themselves through the game of Minecraft. In a world where most kids are glued to screens, we have bridged digital gameplay with physical building and building in the real world. We believe that most digital games today create passive consumers of technology, and the Piper Minecraft Computer allows anyone to start building and programming real gadgets and electronics as easily as they build in Minecraft. We are allowing a generation of digital natives to go beyond just consuming content on the screen, by allowing them to see what's behind the screen, and build and program their own devices and gadgets.

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Jobs at Piper

Piper Team

Mark Pavlyukovskyy
Founder @Piper • Worked at @NIH • Studied at @Princeton University, @University of Oxford
Joel Sadler
Cofounder & CTO Piper "Codecademy for electronics"
Chris Bruce
Founder @Sproutling (Acquired by Mattel) (Acquired by @Mattel), Diversion • Founding Team @Rupture (Acquired by @Electronic Arts), • Employee @OneMedical Group , @WellnessFX
William Brown
Operationally focused finance leader with strong technical and analytical skills. Proven driving finance, analytics, marketing, HR, and legal.
Chris Bouman
Sales and marketing executive with experience in Fortune 500 and Startup environments.
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Piper Investors

Pete Koomen
Co-founder, President of Optimizely
Josh Weinstein
Founder/CEO @YouAreTV; @Princeton University '09, Stuy '05, NYC '86-Present
Edith Yeung
Partner @500 Startups Mobile Collective. Advisor to @DolphinBrowser @Strikingly. Investing in early stage mobile startups.
Andre Ranadive
Angel Investor, Advisor to PrepareU, US Army
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