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We’re Playfair Capital, an early stage technology focused investment fund based in our London coworking space, Warner Yard. Our core ethos is to invest on a level playing field with our entrepreneurs. We are in search of trailblazers who are bold enough to ideate, build, and execute on a technology that generates a quantum leap in the way people live and work.

The team at Playfair is young, hungry, and goes the extra mile to provide our entrepreneurs with the operational, strategic, and financial support they require to bring their ideas to life and reach mass adoption. Since our inception in 2011, we have invested close to $10m in over 30 teams across the UK, Europe, the US, and Africa from the earliest stages. These have gone on to build consumer and enterprise companies in e-commerce, big data, APIs, fintech, hardware, and marketplaces with a combined enterprise value north of $250m.

We now invest on average $200,000 per deal in 5 companies a year from a $40m fund that has no external Limited Partners. We hold onto this structure because it enables us to make quick decisions and align our outcome incentives alongside our entrepreneurs. However, the inbound requests we’ve received from investors who wish to invest in our fund has led us to launch the Playfair Capital Syndicate on AngelList - the only way to gain direct exposure to our work. Having co-invested with close to 250 unique angels, funds, and strategics who brought an extra $60m to the table, we have extensive experience building syndicates and taking the lead on early stage deals.

Our investment remit is not bound by geography or sector. Instead, we formulate research-driven views on how the world will evolve and take an opportunistic approach to invest in teams of passionate and tenacious individuals able to tackle the technical, market, and execution risks relevant to their businesses. Lastly, we don’t invest in more than one startup tackling the same problem. So if we’re bullish about a market, team, and technology, we’ll invest with conviction and decisiveness.


We are committed to syndicating all of our deals in which founders are happy to open an allocation for our Syndicate.

Federico Pirzio-Biroli
Founder @Playfair Capital and @Warner Yard, investor in 50+ startups worldwide, Burner + co-founder @ooliganalley
Joe Thornton
Investor @Playfair Capital. Ex Interpol, Google and Facebook. Skydiving and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu :D
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Tak Lo
Investing in the future with
Jeremy Yap
i'm just happy to be here
Ashish Bhatia
Software Engineer
- Technical Advisor @Joveo - Worked at @WhatsApp - Worked at @Google - Investor - @Authy, @CirroSecure, @IntelliVision, @Minjar, @MakeLeaps
Paul Gould
CEO/Owner @Replay Gaming Founder @Trade2Win Advisor & Angel Investor
Thomas Jones
Angel & Private Equity Investor, Charlotte Street Capital
Paul Taylor
Serial entrepreneur, currently founder and CEO of Thought Machine, previously CTO of Rhetorical, CEO of Phonetic Arts, and head of Google Text-to-speech team.
London Co Investment Fund Manager
London Co-Investment Fund is a "Side Car Fund" that invests alongside 6 London based VC's and Angel Syndicates in seed rounds of tech startups based in London. 
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