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San Francisco · Full Time
We started Plaid to solve a simple problem: How to empower developers and consumers to control their financial data. That mission still drives us. We’re constantly striving to lower the barrier to entry into financial services. Read More
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Job Description

The front-end team strives to make interacting with financial data not only better, but delightful. We believe that the key to solving finance’s biggest problems lies in meeting modern user expectations. As the gateway for thousands of applications like Robinhood, Stripe, or Venmo, Plaid’s platform calls for innovative problem solvers interested in tackling the complex challenges that exist in the financial ecosystem and scaling front-end systems to millions of users.

To develop top-tier, heavy-UI applications like Plaid Link, we are looking for people who excel across the disciplines of front-end engineering. This means a deep understanding of the Javascript language, scalability and performance, the nature of the HTTP protocol, and the varied edge-cases in browsers, stylesheets, and mobile devices.

What excites you:

- Working alongside engineers with an eye for design, and designers who code
- Products with real impact: Your work will touch tens of millions of end users, the best applications in fintech, and major U.S. financial institutions
- Interactive single-page applications, built on modern front-end frameworks like React
- Data visualization and a fantastic data set to work on
- High-performance JavaScript SDKs that can be dropped into third-party applications
- Digging through finance’s complex challenges—and reimagining the experience completely

What excites us:

- CS, physics, math, statistics, or philosophy degrees; winners of hackathons; or maintainers of open source projects
- Persistent problem solvers with a strong track record of building interesting projects
- Deep understanding of (and passion for) JavaScript, scalability and performance, HTML, and CSS, browsers, stylesheets, and mobile devices
- Passion for web projects, backed up by an online presence (e.g., GitHub, Codepen, personal sites)
- UI instincts, but not necessarily the ability to create comps from scratch
- 3+ years of experience building web applications
- A background in startups is a plus

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What We're Building

Plaid focuses on lowering the barriers to entry in financial services by making it easier and safer to use financial data. The team builds beautiful consumer experiences, user-friendly infrastructure, and intelligence tools that give everyone the ability to develop the future of financial services.

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