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​Turns public video feeds into the first real time, structured data layer on locations

Tired of building incremental products and services? Tired of cookie cutter startups? Looking to make a real impact? Come join Placemeter to change the way the world functions. Seriously. Read More
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What We're Building

Placemeter uses public video feeds and computer vision algorithms to create the first ever, real time layer of data about places, streets and neighborhoods.

Using proprietary computer vision algorithms, Placemeter can count the number of people that walk by a billboard or estimate how many people are in a restaurant, at a beach or park, or in a store. Placemeter can even detect speeding cars in a neighborhood. Information like weather and local events are factored in to refine predictions pertaining to these measurements.

Placemeter's founder has a PhD in computer vision and successfully exited his previous company. The cofounder had stints at Gilt Groupe and himself started 2 companies prior to Placemeter.

While some companies are busy building the internet of things, Placemeter is building the first ever internet of places.

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Alex Winter
Head of Computer Vision @ Netgear • Founder @Placemeter • Co-founder @LTU Tech, successfully exited • Worked at @INRIA, @Eads • Studied at @Telecom Paristech
Marvin Tam
Co-Founder at @Fiestah (DreamIt 2014) • Worked at @Yahoo , @The New York Times and @Jetsetter • Computer Science from @University of Southern California
Jon Lee
Enthused about product management and design
Tonia Sun
Interested in product management & data science • Columbia MSCS '16 • Prev @Placemeter @Bain & Company @Bank of America Merrill Lynch @Yale University
Mackey Reed
Operations and HR Manager at Placemeter
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