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I will be focusing on Blockchain, FinTech, and Data/Analytics startups in India but will also consider other interesting companies targeting the global or US market.

Backing my syndicate does not require you to invest in each deal I do but, rather, you will have an opportunity to decide whether to back a particular deal or not.


I will syndicate all my India (domiciled) deals

Pankaj Jain
@BlockHack @500 Startups, @Twilio Fund, Long-Term Capital Management, GlobeOp Financial Services • Studied at @Stern School of Business
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Abhishek Gupta
Seed Fund
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Running the Accelerator TLabs by Times that invests in very early stage tech startups
Rahul  N Bhardwaj
Founder, Investor, Product Engineer. Experience Designer. Mental Assassin. Life Hacker. Student of the Universe
Deepak Ravindran
Building companies, dreams.
Shubham Gupta
Executive Director @Goldman Sachs Past @ Nomura/Lehman Brothers Tokyo/Hong Kong Studied @IIT Kanpur , Angel Investor/Mentor
Can help with
“I can help in connections. A company wants to make a marketing video or want to discuss brand positioning strategies or need access to some corporates - I...more
Ankur Gupta
Co-founder @Clarisights . Ex-Googler and a passionate engineer.
Uday Arya
Uday returned to India after 14 years in New York and Paris. He has interests in value investing and the public capital markets.
Vir Kashyap
COO and Cofounder at @Babajob, @Bowdoin College Grad, Experience at @Epinions , @Morgan Stanley , Hedge Fund Vega Asset Management
He's one cool customer. Calm and objective, and doesn't hold back on punches. Glad to have him as an investor!
Vamshi Mokshagundam
Founder of a company Pankaj Jain invested in
Upfront and honest, great support, always helpful if you're truthful.
Pranay Srinivasan
Founder of a company Pankaj Jain invested in
Pankaj is an all round awesome person to talk to. He's very founder first in his investment philosophy- and it was very helpful to talk to him while raising our seed round at SocialCops. He really helped us think through and connect with the right investors!
Prukalpa Sankar
For Pankaj Jain's investment at SocialCops
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