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Android Developer at PixoMobile

Seattle · Full Time
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Job Description

This role majorly works on Android app development, however we need people who apply are still "full stack in mind" -- willing to get hands dirty on other places other than android development itself.

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What We're Building

We believe storytelling is a fundamental form of human communication and connection, engaging our imagination and through that, empathy and creativity. 

Our flagship app, Pixotale, is designed to streamline the storytelling process by taking full advantage of mobile devices and our "little moments" with mobile phone here and there. With Pixotale, you no longer need to be a designer, techie or artist; literally, anyone can easily create beautiful stories with one-touch publishing and sharing.

Pixotale stories can be viewed on any phones, tablets, desktops and even TV, we make it automatically looks beautiful on all devices and screen sizes.  Around the Pixotale stories network, we built a number of vertical apps and utilities to fully unleash the power of storytelling while optimize for each specific category and use scenarios.  All PixoMobile apps work together as one.

Download Pixotale App here:

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