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Imagine light in all its colors, as bright & dark as the world, in portable displays

Light, color, contrast are key ingredients to human communication. To art, literature, science, knowledge, civilization. And displays are the window to our increasingly digital world. Read More
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What We're Building

We're solving the challenges of high-brightness, narrow-spectrum, wider gamut color, higher dynamic range, giving seamless realism, longer battery-life and providing a better experience, on LCD, OLED and Micro-LED displays.

Our first demonstration : Vivid Color(TM) LED disrupts Quantum Dots, with 2x the performance of the best available CdSe QD, yet it's based on tunable Inorganic heavy-metal-free LED technology, achieving 97.8% BT.2020 (matching lasers) for breakthrough ultra-wide color gamut on LCD Displays.

Next : Putting an "R" for Reality into VR, AR and HDR with better power-efficiency, clarity, manufacturing consistency, smoother motion and fast-low-latency asynchronous updates.

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Jobs at PixelDisplay

PixelDisplay Team

David Wyatt
Founder @CardWare, @PixelDisplay • Worked at @Intel, @Nvidia

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