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Pisano is a suite of products that help you get feedback driven.
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Jobs at Pisano

Pisano Team

Mike Soylu
> Pisano Pozitron Tart Games Zibumi
Mustafa Kemal Akillioglu
Co-Founder @Pisano Enterprise Sales Team Boğaziçi University-Istanbul Ex-Co-Founder of Renewable Energy start-ups and reached 100K$ MRR in a year.
Ömür Turan
Bogazici University Computer Eng., Make many things @Pisano , Data Analyst
Account Manager at Pisano with sales and marketing background for more than 5 years of experience.
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Pisano Investors

Memet Yazici
Investor focused on Technology, Healthcare, Consumer, Business Services
Mert Ocakoglu
TRPE Venture Partners, a servicemark of TRPE Capital Limited, is a venture capital firm investing in technology oriented startups in Turkey.

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