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The easy way to run shorter and more focused meetings.

We are in the final phase of market fit and now is a great time for you to join and get equity right before we get funded and deliver on our promise to change the world, one meeting at a time. Read More

What We're Building

Pinstriped is a powerful SaaS product which has just launched from Beta and already has paying users with growing numbers daily. We currently have a macOS app, but are building out a web app.

Pinstriped enables you to have shorter and more focused meetings. We make it easy for the person calling the meeting to take ownership of the meeting and prepare an agenda and ensure the meeting is decision-focused, instead of discussion-focused. No more meandering off on tangents.

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Jobs at Pinstriped

Pinstriped Team

Tamar Weinberg
Professional Hustler. Customer Happiness & Success. BizDev. Operations. Revenue Generation. Marketing Strategy. 6th hire, @Mashable, former writer @Lifehacker
Amna Shamim
Writer & Marketer. SEO Strategist.
Vit Ulicny
Founder & Tech/Dev Lead • Worked at @Rascasone
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