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Redwood City, Alpharetta · Full Time
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Job Description

● Act as Android developer subject matter expert for the team
● Contribute to Android lifecycle of developing tools and products offered by PInn
● Ensure performance of applications, SDK's, and products are always cutting edge
● Maintain code repository quality, organization, and automation

● 5+ years’ experience in Android Development or related field
● Deployed application to Google Play Store with proved usability
● Strong understanding in Android Development tools and methods including: Gradle, Android Studio, UI Layout, Intents, Services, Fragment usage, and lifecycle.
● Knowledge of Android platform SDK as well as other openly used 3rd party or open source libraries.
● Experience with REST APIs and creating clients for them and understanding how to apply best-practice for interacting with remote services.
● Prior experience with application designers aiding in manifestation of product.

● Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science or related field
● Android System images, experience and knowledge of customizing them
● Experience with Kotlin, including interoperability with android java code
● Prior iOS development and ecosystem experience
● Understanding of industry standard best practices
● Experience in a startup and growth-stage environments
● Demonstrate leadership qualities and sensitive to the needs of a small and rapidly growing company
● Self-starter who is excited about technology and able to work effectively independently or in a team setting

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What We're Building

We deliver attribution solutions to financial institutions, government agencies, industrials and other multinational companies worldwide. Our patented software combines a variety of physical and behavioral attribution modules that forensically attribute the identity of a human interacting with a device.

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