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Back End Developer/Front End/Gun. Location Sharing. Globally Scalable Solution. About To Launch. at Ping

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Remote · Contract

Focus on real experiences through a simple platform. Let's shake up the industry and bring a fresh approach to finding foodies' favourite food. A young team of nice people who are effective communicators.

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Job Description

Ping has a potentially life changing opportunity available for the right person. A talented, ambitious Back End and Front End developer who has strong communication skills.

Join a small, hyper focused team looking to shake up the entertainment industry. Work with bright minds in an environment where new ideas are sought after and autonomy is the norm.

Ping. Find Foodies Favourite Spots. Our app lets you browse the cafes, restaurants and bars that foodies love. Simple, fast, convenient. 3 Taps From anywhere in Melbourne go from spoilt for choice to grabbing a bite. Immerse yourself in an industry that thrives on having fun.

Make the big calls, challenge norms, make a name for yourself. This position will be focused on providing location based information in an elegant and practical way.

The first step will be to execute a project focused on refining some UI elements and building out some simple APIs. This project will serve as a trial of sorts, to see what the fit is like with the team.

Experience working with location sharing is a plus.

Any applications with examples of strong work listed, will take priority.

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What We're Building

There are so many places to eat that it can be difficult to narrow down your choices and know who to trust when searching online.

Ping brings you curated lists of restaurants and cafes from influential foodies.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Ping Team

Bennet Dalton
Founder at Ping, Step by Step and Perky. Lead Digital Consultant at PCF Mealprep.

Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What is your office environment like?
Remote and super chill. Work out of a cafe, work from your bed, work from wherever, so long as you get it done and you're comfortable. We believe that being comfortable is best way to produce the best results. When we need to all meet, we'll use some nice shared spaces in Melbourne's CBD.
Bennet Dalton
Founder at Ping
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
The door is fairly open here. We're looking to launch over the next few months, so there are some once in a lifetime opportunities to get in at the ground level right now. We have the core team sorted, but will be expanding as we find the right people. Were have a focus on hiring right rather than hiring quickly at this stage.
Bennet Dalton
Founder at Ping
What are some of the toughest engineering problems Ping is facing now?
In all honesty the team is crushing everything that is put in front of them. I'm sure we'll get some tougher nuts further down the track, but for now, no dramas.
Bennet Dalton
Founder at Ping