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Enabling content creators to get feedback from audiences at scale

We're the first multi-platform service to test media content against audiences at scale. We operate between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, creating amazing video products, working to discover which TV shows will be hits and learning about the TV population at large through big data. Its a lot of fun having a front row view to the epic changes happening media consumption and distribution today. Learn more at www.pilot.ly

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What We're Building

Pilotly enables content creators to run digital viewer studies at scale with any target audience they like. Our research solution is composed of a multi-platform video portal / API, interactive viewer engagement tools, and automated client reporting. The data collected is processed by our algorithms and displayed in real-time to Pilotly’s Instant Insight dashboard.

Today content creators waste nearly a billion dollars a year on videos that either never find an audience or never find proper distribution. Pilotly helps creators make better business decisions based on actual viewer data from their target audience. We do this faster, with higher quality data and a lower price than any research company in market.

We are building the big data pipeline behind media entertainment. Try it, www.pilot.ly

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Jobs at Pilotly

Pilotly Team

James Norman
Founded Ubi Video, Shift Marketing Solutions, F1RST Motoring Apparel, and now Pilotly. Written over 250k lines of code to change TV forever. EECS BS @Umich
Hector Osorio
CTO @Pilotly Lead web engineer at @Flixster / @Rotten Tomatoes Co-founder of @Niku CS degree from @Harvard University
Edgar Garza
Full Stack Developer Using Ruby on Rails with an AngularJS front end. I love learning, being creative with my code, and I never mind getting my hands dirty.
Luis Sosa
UCLA M.S. in Statistics, B.S. in Computer Engineering, proficient in machine learning techniques, discriminative/generative models. Data Expert.
Freddie Cabrera
Full Stack Developer
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Pilotly Investors

Kate Shillo Beardsley
Partner @UpslopeVC | Old Stomping Grounds: @Galvanize @LererHippeau @HuffingtonPost @Betaworks @MarthaStewart
Chris Onan
Managing Director of Galvanize Ventures. Galvanize co-founder and former COO/CFO
Chris Marks
Managing Director of Blue Note Ventures
Wade Luders
Former FBI Agent with experience in technology consulting, law enforcement, senior care, real estate and startup investing
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