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Social photo-sharing for events

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What We're Building

Events are important because we attend to them, and the best way to keep them alive is through the pictures and other content generated within them. Putting back all that content together is usually a pain it hardly ever happens.

Pikhub is the place to gather everyone's experience within an event. The pictures, attendees and everything that happened there with a great web and iOS experience.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Rich Peniche
Head of Experience @Conekta
Julian Ceballos
CTO & Founder

Our Investors

César Salazar
Investor + Designer + Explorer. Partner at 23 Design.
Lisa Seeman
Principal at Costanoa VC, Founder and GP at (now 500 Startups Mexico City); VP Engineering of Aktana. BS EE @Caltech, MS EE and MBA @Stanford
Santiago Zavala
Partner @ 500 Startups doing Latin America, previous founder Passionate hacker, thinker, photographer.