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We are democratising finance and financial advice, bringing it within reach of millions of Indians. Like in most pressing problems in India, there has always been great success in solving them through strong initiative and really smart technology. Piggy is a step in that direction where every Indian will have the power to plan for their financial future and in turn be a step closer to achieving their goals and aspirations. Read More

What We're Building

Investment App. Democratising finance and financial advice for millions of Indians.

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Jobs at Piggy

Piggy Team

Ankush Singh Baedas
Founder Piggy • Worked at @Barclays Capital, @Nomura • Studied at @Punjab Engineering College
Nikhil Mantha
Cofounder at Piggy - Investment app for Indians, Y Combinator S17, Ex-Nomura, BIT Mesra
Kunal Sangwan
Founder Piggy, Y Combinator S17, Ex-Amazon
Ajith Pandian
Android/iOS/React Native Developer. Cowboy coder.
Worked at Amazon.com. Experience with Amazon Web Services. Went to College of Engineering and Technology, BBSR
Nilesh Aggarwal
C++, Python, Machine Learning, Django, R Programming, Big Data Analytics, SQL, PostgreSQL, Pandas, NLP, Pytest
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