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What is Pick1
Pick1 - Know Your Audience. Know Your Customer.
IBM Watson Partner

Pick1 offers a variety of products that enable clients to better understand customers, segment audiences and increase engagement:

+ White label surveys that focus on the respondent, not just the responses - combining the two. Pick1 then enables you to filter and segment your Audience, creating a more targeted marketing campaign and better market research - all in real time.
+ Enhance your CRM with a comprehensive profile of a user based on an email or phone #. We enable you to further filter and segment this data in real-time.
+ Provide full personality profile of users in 30 secs. Test it:
+ Convert your Facebook fans into useable, actionable data
+ Identify “cold” user leads and convert them into users/customers
+ Auto populate data fields in real time
+ Identifying the audience by matching emails & IDs to public data.
+ Identifying the audience via engagement.

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Paolo Privitera
@Pick1 CEO "Know Your Customers" part of @Start-Up Chile @500 Startups @Singularity University – Startup Lab ~ Serendipity Innovator believing in Exponential Growth
Lorenzo Barbantini Scanni
@the_hurry @Pick1, @Greaterfoolteam @Slokka • @EngineeringSpa @Xaltia @Kataweb @RaiNet Invested @Pick1 @Stamplay @Slokka @Greater Fool Media
Leonardo Alessandroni
Owner, Sciamano Advertising & Publishing
Karen ,
Entrepreneur and Strategic Communications Consultant, Speechwriter to Ambassador, then Strategist and Writer, now SVP of Strategy and Business Development.
Simone De Battisti
Insight and innovation
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Our Investors

Michele Battelli
Creating products that make wealth management accessible to everyone @Moneyfarm | Built wireless products @Google | Climbed big mountains
Bedy Yang
Managing Partner 500Startups (focused Latam + international); Founder @Brazil Innovators
Juan Gonzalo Begazo
EVP @ Ajegroup, ex Googler (Dir Finance), ex-Microsoftie, ex-IBMer, Cornell, Universidad del Pacifico. Peruvian
Ric Kostick
Founder @100% Pure, @Philou • Worked at @Aqua Dessa • Investor @Scout, @Pick1 • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley
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