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What We're Building

Phone2Action is SaaS platform for public policy campaigns that makes it easy for people to be a driving force for social change. Our clients include non-profits, trade associations, and companies, who use our tools to amplify the voices of their grassroots supporters.

Phone2Action's mobile, web, and voice tools are used by our partners to acquire supporters and engage them with calls-to-action. Clients use our flexible platform to create action widgets, pages, and centers that inform advocates and give them the tools to act.

Because we help people engage in their communities.
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Jobs at Phone2Action

Phone2Action Team

Jeb Ory
CEO/ Cofounder of Phone2Action. Venture-backed. Strong international business background (IMI Plc, DCI Marketing). BA, Stanford, MBA, Chicago Booth.
Angela Goldman
Marketing Director
Blake Wood
Client Success Manager at Phone2Action. Globally experienced jack-of-all-trades. Previously at House of Representatives, State Dept. and Bentley Systems.
Yonathan Dawit
Data Analyst at Phone2Action
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Phone2Action Investors

Dundee Venture Capital
Dundee VC leads $500K-$2.5M seed rounds in the Midwest. Dundee is located in Omaha, NE, with offices in Chicago and Minneapolis.

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