Philippe Tregon

Co-Founder/CEO @MoWaiter • Owned and Operated successfully several full-service restaurants in Silicon Valley, Studied at @Paul Sabatier University - Toulouse 3

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Entrepreneurial and experienced operations, business development, strategic partnerships and team building leader in the Leisure, Hospitality, Retail and Restaurant industries in North-America and EMEA countries. His skills are now applied in the development of next-generation ICT platforms and applications in the Nutrition Wellness, Hospitality and Restaurant industries.

Following 15 years of successful retail and restaurants endeavors in the San Francisco Bay Area that became well known shopping and eating destinations to Silicon Valley residents, and inspired by the information technologies he adopted to optimize his business operations and workflow, like Micros POS or OpenTable reservation system, Philippe decided to shift his career path to help build next-generation local commerce technologies, software and mobile applications, customer-centric.