Philipp Stauffer

Tech Entrepreneur & Investor: Founder Dropimpact, Onor, Adchemy, Managing Partner @Accenture - Strategy, Digital, Data Science - IPG, Product Design & Innovation

Confirmed Investments · Invests $25-$50K per deal
What I Do

Active collaboration on product and business side. Look to be as engaged as needed by the entrepreneur. Helping to stay focused on mission and its quantitative and qualitative prove points and scaling.


Peaked as an 8-year old when I landed on a local newspaper's front-page as the youngest entrepreneur in the state selling self made greeting cards and other artifacts to raise money for "Terre des Hommes" International. After sending the first $200 check to the cause and realizing what that check will do for other kids, everything else that happened professionally later in life seemed less important and less impressive.