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Opportunities to invest in late stage pre-IPO companies ($500M+ valuations). Access to shares comes via secondary transactions with current shareholders (typically current employees, ex-employees, and early investors.
We'll syndicate deals that we have access to $250K+ of supply.
Phil Haslett
Founder @equityzen, investment and liquidity platform for unicorns. Tufts '09.
Shriram Bhashyam
Fintech dude, entrepreneur, attorney, investor. Co-founder @equityzen. @500startups Fall 2013. Formerly securities attorney @shearman-sterling.
Atish Davda
Software Engineer
Founder @equityzen - Private Markets for the Public. Product, Comp Eng, Finance @aqr Capital Management @university-of-pennsylvania @wharton-school-of-business
Phil is a top-notch finance buff that knows how to operate. Phil's motto is to GSD. He's wicked smart, compassionate, and a real grinder. He can wear many hats and I never have to think twice when relying on Phil to deliver.
Atish Davda
For Phil Haslett's work at EquityZen
Phil is a hustling all-rounder. He picks up new things quickly, is a great trouble shooter, and handles tricky situations with grace. Simply put, he busts through walls. He also has an even temperment and a great sense of humor, essential traits for unifying teams.
Shriram Bhashyam
For Phil Haslett's work at EquityZen
Securities attorney that can not only navigate the legal waters but is an absolute beast on the business side. Understands markets, finance, SEO/SEM, growth hacker...pretty much everything.
Incredibly talented engineer, building a much-needed solution to the problem of private-market illiquidity. Appreciates the art of the hustle.
Phil Haslett
For Atish Davda's work at EquityZen
Atish is the consummate hard worker. He's that rare breed of talented engineer with incredible business acumen, and he's also just a nice guy. I have been in work situations where I've had to depend on Atish's abilities and dedication, and I've never been let down.
Karthik Sridharan
For Atish Davda's work at AQR Capital Management
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