Senior Software Engineer at PhenixP2P

Chicago, Remote · Full Time
Would you like to solve the most challenging problem in video streaming? Look no further. We are an engineering driven startup solving exciting problems that no one has solved before. Read More

Job Description

We develop and operate a global real-time video streaming platform.

You will be working on different parts of the system depending on skills, experience and interest. The main parts are the platform written in node.js and our streaming engine written in C++11.

This position requires 4+ years of experience in software development.

What We're Building

PCast™ is the world's ONLY scalable real-time video streaming platform. Our technology drives viewer engagement by providing high quality video with less than 300 milliseconds of end-to-end latency. We are applying decades of video streaming engineering experience to built our platform from the ground up, allowing it to reach millions of concurrent users without adding latency.

Our networking protocols optimize for smooth video experiences on all connections ranging from DSL and fiber to 3G and 4G mobile networks. The Phenix team spent nearly a decade researching peer-to-peer video streaming algorithms to create the world's leading video platform. Accordingly, our peer-to-peer multicast enables massive scale and drives down streaming costs unlike any other platform.


Philip Joseph
Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience. Experience developing on many platforms, in many languages, at different levels (application and embedded).