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Phantom AR

OS Core Developer (Android + Unity) at Phantom AR

San Francisco Bay Area · Full Time

Do you sometimes wonder what it must have been like when the first personal computers started taking off? Did you miss the first internet boom? Something spectacular is happening again and this time you can be part of it.

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Job Description

We are building an Android-based OS specifically designed for wearable Augmented Reality done on a massive scale. It comes with a new interaction model based on our own hardware controllers.

The OS is based on Android. UI is being completely rebuilt and new AR services implemented. Though this is development for a mobile devices, we are not talking about phones or tablets here. This is a whole new platform.

Deep knowledge of the Android platform as well as Unity is absolute necessity.

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What We're Building

We are building several things that together make Augmented Reality on large scale possible:

- hardware: a unique wearable controllers and sensors
- new interaction system to control AR, see
- OS specifically designed for AR
- a cloud service to make sense of the digitized world around us
- developer tools

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Mirek Burkon
Founder of @Phantom AR, Nerdtepreneur