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Pex is like Google for music and videos. When you make a video and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. where does it go after that? Who is sharing it (& copying, sampling, distorting it...), where and why? We created a platform where creators can search for their work in just a click, and be in control of their content’s true reach. Read More
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Job Description

About us:
We built a unique service that allows video makers and musicians to understand how their content is used, who is consuming it, what parts are clicking with what type of audience, and much more. They not only learn more about their content, but can also protect and monetize it by creating simple, automatic rules that trigger actions based on our search results.

Our tech:
Our primary stack is made of separate components that communicate via Pub/Sub system. For data storage rely heavily on PostgreSQL (citus). Most of the code is currently written in Java, Go and C/C++.

As a small team with a huge amount of servers (in thousands) we use CI (Jenkins) & Packer to build custom machine container images and Terraform & Ansible for infrastructure & server provisioning with additional internal tools that help with our auto scale requirements.

Your responsibilities:
You will be responsible for preparing, testing, managing and managing our stack across many different datacenters by utilizing automatic deployment via Terraform, Packer, Ansible & CI.

- Strong Linux or UNIX experience
- Scripting skills in Python or Ruby
- You have some experiences with platform automation
- You have some experiences with AWS or Google Cloud Platform
- You write tests for your automated scripts
- You have previous experiences with continues deployment
- You monitor every service you deploy
- You like to share your knowledge with your colleagues

Extra points if:
- You're interested in containers
- You've worked with Hadoop, Spark before
- You've some previous experiences with Ansible
- You're interested in new technologies, but you don't want to use in production everything you just read on HN

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What We're Building

Pex ( is a video analytics & rights management platform that is able to find and track video & audio content anywhere on the Web. Thanks to a set of proprietary algorithms, Pex is able to find copies of multimedia content even when it has been tampered with (cropped, changed aspect ratio, recorded on camera, added logo, changed colors, etc.). The resulting product is a cross-platform, independent and reliable service that provides content creators & rights holders insight into the real consumption of their content and helps them resolve copyright infringements.

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