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Diagnostic Products with Artificial Intelligence

Periwinkle's vision is to enable better diagnostics with innovative products that use technology. Our focus areas are diagnostics where dependence on human expertise leads to delays, subjectivity, or high expense. You see, we just hate inefficiencies! We do love creative individuals who are not scared of hard problems being flung at them. Of course, we really respect them only if they come back with solutions. And by the way, we definitely believe in moon shots!

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What We're Building

We are an innovation-focused company. We design new products and find partners to market them. One such product is the Smart Digital Probe which is a mobile-connected device that can be inserted into body orifices to capture images and provide diagnostic assistance based on the derived data. Another product is the software with machine learning algorithms to act on images captured by other devices. These products that use Computer Vision, DIP, ML are mainly aimed at providing support to the medical analyst for better and faster diagnosis.

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