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Periscope Data

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A powerful, flexible analytics platform for data professionals and business users.

Periscope is built by a small team of hackers working out of a warehouse in San Francisco. We love our customers, overpriced avocado toast, and that moment when a blip in the data makes you say, "wait a minute…" Read More
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What We're Building

Periscope is a cloud data analysis tool that uses pre-emptive in-memory caching and statistical sampling to run data analyses really, really fast.

Our fancy backends enable customers to see a 150X increase in the speed of their data analyses on the day they install.

Users save these analyses to charts and dashboards, which they share with their coworkers, and that's where the magic really happens. Periscope's most important benefit is the way the user experience encourages collaboration on data. Periscope spreads data throughout an organization, eventually instigating a culture change that makes the whole company more data-driven.

Or as one customer recently said: "Periscope moved our data out of a closet and into a storefront."

Oh, and we've raised $2.5M in funding from Google Ventures, Marissa Mayer and more, and revenue is growing over 30% monthly.

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Jobs at Periscope Data

Periscope Data Team

Harry Glaser
Co-Founder @Periscope Data • Product Lead @Google AdWords • Computer Science @University of Rochester
Tom O'Neill
Co-Founder @Periscope Data • Core Search Technology at @Microsoft Bing • Studied at @University of Rochester
Holly Wilson
My background is in SaaS sales, operations and business development, and renewable energy consulting; I'm passionate about sustainability and creativity.
Austin Gibbons
Software Engineering @Periscope Data . Stanford MSCS '13
Sunny Xu
Head of Customer Solutions and Professional Services @Periscope Data
Justin Bullock
SaaS Sales leader with experience taking companies from: - Series A to Series B - VC funded to IPO - IPO to 3.4B acquisition
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