Jobs at Perengo

Perengo is a programmatic recruitment platform.

What We're Building

Perengo is a programmatic recruitment platform.

High-growth businesses and Fortune 500 companies use the Perengo DSP (Demand Side Platform) to solve their recruitment challenges at scale. The platform provides tools for operational recruitment automation and strategic business intelligence.

Perengo was founded in 2015 with the goal to bring state-of-the art advertising technology to the recruitment market.

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Jobs at Perengo

Perengo Team

Artur Lapinsch
Founder @Perengo Kickstarted @Savedo @BillFront @Finreach Solutions Worked @HitFox Group @FinLeap @AppLift AdTech | Big Data | FinTech | Marketplaces | Media
Erik Wagner
Developer, Entrepreneur and Startup Techie. What can be automated, will be automated!
Sebastián Ramírez Magrí
Full Stack Software carpenter, Openness lover and Web Maker.
Markus Velten
@Perengo @Accenture @Netbiscuits ... Highly enthusiastic pro tech guy, raised companies to success - Always aiming for the best - Failure is not an option
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Perengo Investors

Sandy Kory
Managing Director at @Horizon Partners and angel investor @Palantir Technologies and other startups
Jinal Jhaveri
Founder at SchoolMint, Founder at Log(n), Employee #4 at The Climate Corporation (WeatherBill)
Tim Dubois
Sales & BD at Google & Twitter. US & APAC experience. Digital Ads, Programmatic & Mobile experience. Georgetown & London School of Economics degrees.
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