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Mobile games

We're Madison's Favorite Tech Startup! We are a young and quickly growing startup company based in Madison, WI. Read More
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What We're Building

Lead your army to greatness in Titan Empires, the next evolution in strategy gaming! With faster-paced combat and clever tactics, train and equip your powerful Titans to unleash a flurry of skills in battle.

Greed for Glory is a city defense game for Android that combines strategic building with fast-paced, epic battles. Lead a mighty army of Knights, Elven Archers, Wizards, and other fantasy creatures in tactical war with others online. Construct an unbeatable fortress, create a massive city and raid others villages to earn glory!

This location-based MMORPG brings the epic fantasy to life wherever you are. All this and more in the palm of your hand! Enter Parallel Kingdom's multiplayer world and join over a million players in the ultimate mobile, role-playing game.

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PerBlue Team

Forrest Woolworth
COO at @PerBlue. Co-Founder of @Capital Entrepreneurs. Worked at Cisco and GE Healthcare. I love building things.
Tom Hanaway
Public Relations and Communications Intern at @PerBlue. Writing/PR/SM fanatic. I love news, people, learning and life. Japanese speaker. World traveler.

PerBlue Investors

Bill Pescatello
Partner, @Lightbank Ventures; Founding member @Peacock Equity Fund (NBCUniversal); @Comcast Ventures
Richard Kain
Founder and CEO of Woovit. Previously ran TriplePoint PR. Angel investor, but not while I'm building Woovit.
Tihan Seale
Entrepreneurial investor...
Tim Keane
Director, Golden Angels Network
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