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Job Description

Do you dream about code? We are looking for skilled developers that are ready to write fast, scalable and beautiful code for a beautiful product. We have a strong team of developers and designers, and your job will be to help them build a great product.

We currently have a frontend stack based on Knockout.js and a backend based on Python with Flask.

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What We're Building

We’re developing a software solution to help universities improve teaching and save time and money by facilitating peer-evaluations.

Today students receive very little feedback on their work. Peer grading provides students with the feedback they deserve - in most cases more than 20 times more.

Spending time on grading the work of others forces students to reflect on the key learnings of the course. This exercise of the highest step in Bloom's Taxonomy: Evaluation, elevates student learning.

An immense amount of time and money is spent by teachers and teaching assistants on grading assignments. Peer grading offers a way to dramatically reduce the time spent on grading while increasing the quality of feedback.

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Peergrade Team

David Kofoed Wind
PhD-student at The Technical University of Denmark with focus on machine learning, analysis of social networks and big data.
Malthe Jørgensen
Pushes buttons on keyboards. Spends spare-time figuring out rocket surgery.
Simon Lind
Co-founder and Product Designer @Peergrade

Peergrade Investors

Nic Newman
VP at Emerge Education, Digital Ambassador for the United Nations and Non Exec Dir. Ex MD of Tigerspike and CEO of Macat. Bsc, Durham. MBA Melbourne / Kellogg.