Work at Peeq

Video highlights for sports

Come work with us on exciting technology and design challenges to help people capture moments that they really care about!

What We're Building

Peeq is creating a new market opportunity for capturing video highlights in amateur sports. Using wearable tracker technology, connected mobile phones, and computer vision, our system intelligently captures and automatically edits video into ready to watch highlights. Content is distributed over the cloud directly to any viewing destination, including TV, mobile or social networks.

We are targeting the $10B amateur sporting industry.

Open Positions


Mark Gray
Product guy with experience in mobile video, wearables, and IOT. Founded @Peeq (CEO) Co-Founded @Squrl and @IndustryNext invested in @Connected
Sing Yiu Cheung
Experienced R&D Director, with cross­functional, problem­solving expertise in both Hardware and Software
Will Brennan
Designer at @Peeq SCAD BFA, versatile, UI/UX, visual, branding; experience working with Verizon, HP, Microsoft, and Apple.

Our Investors

Matt Cheng
Founding Partner @Cherubic Ventures . China's top 40 under 40 early-stage investor by @Cyzone. Early Investor/CSO @TianGe(1980:HK), @ChineseAll(300364:SZ).

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