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We like to have fun, but are very serious about being number one in selling food online after Amazon.

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PeachDish is an Atlanta based ecommerce startup focusing on the delivery of fresh ingredients and instructions to consumer’s homes so they can cook wholesome dinners with ease. A PeachDish box contains all of the fresh, preportioned ingredients and accompanying instructions needed to turn craft two dinners for two people every week.
● Business is $50 per week and subscription based.
● Menus are southern infused and internationally inspired.
● Ingredients are sourced as regionally and as seasonally as possible.
● Boxes ship nationally, with a larger concentration of consumers in the SE.
● Company has one investor and is seeking new financial opportunities.

PeachDish fills the gap in the market for those who are interested in cooking for themselves, but
don’t know how or where to start. By taking care of the budgeting, errand running and planning that
comes with cooking, PeachDish makes it an easy and approachable experience.

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PeachDish Jobs : Screenshot
PeachDish Jobs : Screenshot
PeachDish Jobs : Screenshot


Hadi Irvani
Hadi Irvani
Founder PeachDish • Worked at @Okabashi
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