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What We're Building

PCB:NG is software-optimized electronics manufacturing, for everyone. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just 24 units. Priced up to 90% below traditional contract manufacturers. Makes hardware more like software. PCB:NG will empower anyone requiring assembled electronics, from hardware startups to established hardware companies seeking to achieve Just In Time production.

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Jonathan Hirschman
Founder PCB:NG
Peter Bakhirev
Co-founder @PCB:NG. Software engineer, author.
James Graham
Co-founder of PCB:NG. Consultant to early stage companies. Background in startup (@CMP.LY @Tribeca Labs) and mid-market M&A (ING Barings, TD Securities).

Our Investors

Steven Goldman
Angel · TJNS Capital · New York City · Columbia University
Jerry Neumann
Early-stage investor @
John Lloyd
L.P. SoundBoard Angel Fund. Previously a market maker in energy derivatives on NY Mercantile Exchange
Luke Friendshuh-work
Engineer with Seagate Technology for 20 years. Specialized in Software testing, development and Performance modeling. Invested in Lucky Sort which was bought Twitter. Founded System Modeling Institute and and currently working as a system modeling res
Sam Ewen
Started and The Supertouch Group (