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Paysense India

Senior Backend Developer at Paysense India

Mumbai, Gurgaon · Full Time

Paysense is a venture backed, digital lending startup working out of Mumbai, India. We are an amazing team of highly diverse, like minded people solving the fundamental problem of not having simple, convenient and transparent access to credit in India today. We stand for making all things finance more simple, accessible and transparent.
What do we look for?
You have a bias toward action and can break down complex problems into steps that drive changes with agility. You're in the driving seat steering us toward our vision to making our customer's financial life better. You understand the subtlety of individual ownership while working with a team.

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Job Description

About Us:
Paysense is Nexus and Jungle funded startup focussed on improving the financial lives of the indian consumer. In an exclusive partnership with India Infoline (IIFL ~$600 mn networth), we are reinventing credit and access to it for the next billion Indian consumers.

Traditional banks and lending institutions in India are serving less than 5% of all credit requirements. Primary sources of data on consumer spend and credit behaviour either do not exist, or, are fundamentally broken. We saw this as a challenging opportunity to build out large scale credit system from scratch.

Our team comprises of engineers, data scientists and product leaders from Stanford, IIT and UCLA; and we are looking for mission driven team mates who are ambitious, work hard, are super smart and yet humble. If this sounds like you, we’d love to have a chat.

About the job:
- Backend development at Paysense means writing web systems that receive and process millions of requests per minute.
- You will write code that stores and analyzes large scale data in milliseconds: architect and develop data processing and warehouse systems
- Develop internal and external platform that powers next generation of credit lending systems
- Design tech to build graph/network connecting users
- Write systems that are integrated with all leading banks, bureaus and financial institutions.

About you:
- 2+ years of experience with one of the following is must: Python/Java/nodeJS.
- Strong experience with Postgres or another SQL RDBMS.
- Working knowledge of AWS or other cloud service.
- Experience working in finance domain is a plus.
- Experience with Python, Django, or data science toolkits (pandas, scikit, sparkML) is a plus.
- Strong CS fundamentals - algorithms, database and systems design.
- Degree in CS/Maths from tier-1 engineering institutes.

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What We're Building

We at PaySense making the process of getting a personal loan super easy. We believe that getting efficient access to cheap lending is still a fundamental way of how people improve their quality of life. In this age its easier to get a US visa than a loan from a bank - and this is the problem we're looking to solve. We use alternative sources of data from a user and give them a credit limit of upto Rs. 50,000 to make the purchases they want.

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Ankit Kumar
Engineering Manager @Paysense India , Infra/DevOps @Zomato , Founding Member @Aasaan, Backend, CS - IIT(BHU) Varanasi.
Balakumaran Panneerselvam
Currently, Product @PaySense. Previously at Stayzilla. Interested in Indian consumer behavior, experiments, and Data.
Nitin Sangwan
Grad. IIT Delhi - Maths and Computing. Worked at Paysense, and Amex. Interests - Data Infra, Personalisation/reco systems, Clickstream, ML.
Davide Brocchetto
Head of Quality Assurance, Release Manager at PaySense
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