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I was an early partner at 500 Startups and, after leaving the firm to move back to the DC Metro area, raised a separate $50M fund for slightly later stage investments. Scroll down to see a subset of the deals I've selected and many of the successful exits within those selections.

I'm driving across North America to visit the places that startups actually start (and grow) their businesses. In 2016, drove over 26,000 miles, visited 42 cities across North America, shook hands with 20,000 entrepreneurs, sat down with 1,200 early stage startups and invested in the best of them.

I'm ramping that up for 2017: more stops, more events and more investors coming along with us. At each stop, I’ve created a week-long series of events for entrepreneurs and investors. Along the way, I’ll mentor thousands of entrepreneurs, visit incubators and coworking spaces, hold investor dinners and dive into the local (tech) culture.

More importantly, I'll be meeting with many founders and companies before they ever schedule a VC meeting in San Francisco, Chicago or NYC. I will invest roughly $25K per deal and I'll never be more than 10% of the overall fundraising round at the early stage.

I invest in traction rather than ideas, I prefer to participate in early rounds rather than "lead" them and I'm specifically looking for high-growth technology companies before they get on the radar of the typical VCs that are writing the larger seed/A checks.


* You can opt out of any particular deal without penalty

* Backers who have pre-funded their accounts will get priority in ultra-competitive deals.

* Be comfortable with risk and prepared to lose your entire investment without complaint


I'm syndicating all deals unless the founder / company explicitly prohibit me from syndicating.

Private investments may not be included yet.
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Simply an unbelievable guy. Sharp, knowledgable, and always willing to provide advice. He works his ass off and always has your best interest in mind. Paul tells you like it is and is always willing to help navigate through big decisions with you.
Paul is super sharp & full of good advice. We've been very grateful for his help.
Ken Johnson
Founder of a company Paul Singh invested in
Paul's great. He works hard on our behalf, is sharp about marketing and product, and is a good guy on top of it all. Like.
Dan Street
Founder of a company Paul Singh advised
Paul is a fellow entrepreneur and is well versed in the hustle it takes to succeed. You want him on your side.
Camilo Acosta
Founder of a company Paul Singh invested in
Paul is awesome
Mark Kofman
Founder of a company Paul Singh invested in
Paul is exceptional. He is smart, cares greatly, and has superb follow through. Paul is truly helpful to his startups!
Adam Rifkin
Advisor of a company Paul Singh founded
Paul was our first outside investor. He had done his background work and without wasting time got into the things that mattered around the investment and the accelerator program. He is sharp in his insights and always has a balanced point of view.
Sree Vijaykumar
Founder of a company Paul Singh invested in
Everybody likes Paul. He's one of the scrappiest, most entrepreneurial VC's I know.
Roger Dickey
Co-investor in a company Paul Singh invested in
Relentlessly focuses on metrics that matter. Great, value driven network, always has a pulse on the ecosystem.
David Cristello
For Paul Singh's investment at Jetpack Workflow
Paul is a SUPER down to earth guy, which is amazing given all that he's accomplished. Really excited to have him be a part of what we're doing!
Darin Singh
For Paul Singh's work with PrepFactory
Robb Kunz
Founder/CEO @BoomStartup. Active Angel Invested in 100+ Startups. Mentor & LP in @500 Startups and @Techstars. Founder Ventureblue Capital. Invests in NewSpace
Pierre Schurmann
Founder @Bossa Nova Investimentos, investor in 150+ startups Globally. Founded (5) and successfully exited 4 startups in Brazil
Can help with
“Having started, scaled and sold 3 companies I can relate to the challenges startups face. Also have strong connections in Brazil, and can help expand the...more
Bong Koh
Partner at KohFounders. Previous experience includes Advanced Technology Ventures, Mucker, McKinsey, Salomon Smith Barney and Organic (IPO).
Sundeep Ahuja
28 Syndicates incl @Mosaic @Good Eggs; CoFndr @Richrelevance; helped launch @Kiva; Investor @Goodreads @Counsyl; Advisor @Indiegogo @HOOKED; BS CS Stanford
Raj DasGupta
Cloud Computing/SAAS at scale for A&D/Life Sciences Author of The Icarus Prediction
Wiktor Schmidt
Founder and CEO of @Netguru - web and mobile software development consulting company.
Armando Biondi
Cofounder @AdEspresso, acquired by @Hootsuite in Feb 2017. Investor in 50 startups + @AngelList Lead. Guest Contributor, former Radio Speaker, proud #500strong
Rob Ness
Angel Investor
Obsessively hunts the fastest-growth startups. Moonlighting as strategist @Capgemini. Served time @Harvard, @Berkeley.
Can help with
“I'm very plugged into the rapidly growing tech scene here in Washington DC, and am proactive about promoting the products of my portfolio companies...more
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