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San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, San Francisco · Full Time

Come build the future of logistics and grocery shopping with us!

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Job Description

********** NO BOOTCAMP APPLICANTS **********

Must have computer science background. Must have basic knowledge in algorithms & data structures, concurrency, networks, BigO time complexity.

Must have knowledge in:
- Structuring & maintaining a back-end web application
- Setting up API routes
- Managing permissions and roles of users
- PostgreSQL database
- Industry level programming practices
- JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js
- (Optional): React + Redux for front-end

- Unlimited paid vacation
- Unlimited paid sick leave
- FREE Annual CalTrain transportation and FREE shuttle to and from the office
- New 2016 Macbook Pro w/ Touchbar as work computer
- External monitor for use in office

Pathover is a 6 person team. The founders Christiana Chen and Jonathan Chen are serial entrepreneurs. Jonathan's first company FiscalNote currently employs over 120 people and has raised over $30M in funding. Both founders are passionate about what they do and are determined to change the way we shop groceries online.

2017 is the year for online grocery!!

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What We're Building

Pathover is a B2B API-based software that optimizes every step of the last mile, from demand and resource management to delivery logistics.

The last mile is the least efficient and most expensive leg of the supply chain, comprising up to 28% of the total cost of delivery. E-commerce giants such as Amazon have built their business models with this problem in mind. However, many industries, specifically the grocery industry, that have been designed over decades with brick-and-mortar stores in mind, are not equipped to transition into e-commerce and manage the complicated logistics process.

Physical stores and online marketplaces can now integrate with Pathover to automate their last mile process, saving time and save up to 71% on total last mile cost. Pathover's proprietary AI and machine learning technology provides the tools for merchants to fulfill orders quickly, load-balance demand across all stores, and find the fastest and cheapest delivery options to customers.

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Pathover Team

Christiana Chen
CEO of @Pathover, smart optimization software for the grocery industry. Previously co-founder & CEO of OrangeNow (acquired). Previously @Apptio & @Boeing
Gangbaolede Li
UC Berkeley EECS Alumni, Full Stack Engineer
Ryan Lipkin
Business Development at Pathover

Pathover Investors

Aimee Paquin
Worked at IBM, Mips, Silicon Graphics, Geocast.
Alireza Masrour
Managing Partner @ Plug & Play Ventures, Virtual Co-founder of the following portfolio on Plug & Play behalf and Founding Partner @ Plug & Play Startup Camp.
Tom Chiu
Venture Partner at Enspire Capital. Sand Hill Angels Advisory Board (Board Dir. 2011-2014). Advising startups worldwide. Investing since 1998.
Gert Gremes
Venture capital