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Content Marketing Intelligence, ROI, and Analytics

We offer competitive compensation, flexible work schedules, an extended benefits package ( after 3-months), and all the beer and coffee you need to get the job done! We also have a amazing office with a stunning view of the North Shore. Read More
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What We're Building

Pathful shows the performance of content marketing and the content team in one simple, unified view. With Pathful, marketers see how each piece of content contributes to each stage of the sales funnel making it easy for marketers to see what's working, the value, and the ROI of all their content efforts. 

Pathful makes it easy for content teams and marketers to see the impact that content has on the business with a stronger focus on prospect behavior (leads and sales) as oppose to more easily measured, lower value metrics like views and social shares.

Through a unique capture script that eliminates the need for tagging and by integrating with the tools marketers already use (marketing automation, analytics, social, mobile and CRM) Pathful sees every content interaction and ties visitor behavior to business and sales conversion.

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Pathful Team

Boris Lau
Founder Pathful • Worked at @Sophos, @SilkStart Technology

Pathful Investors

Scott Ruthfield
Founder @Rooster Park, a consulting/recruiting firm. Consult on engineering turnarounds and M&A/interview prep. Worked at @whitepages-com, @Amazon. @Rice University grad.
Phil Nadel
Syndicate Lead, Forefront Venture Partners, serial entrepreneur, published author, frequent conference speaker, investor on "The Pitch" podcast.
Mike Murray
Muema Lombe
Risk Management.
T.A. McCann
Founder of @Rival Iq and @Gist • Worked at @Microsoft, @Vulcan Ventures • Studied at @Purdue University • mentor @Techstars
Matthew Sorensen Moore
Angel and board advisor. Founded Netscape Europe; co-created consumer site at WebMD; EVP@
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