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Personal Networking

At Path we believe in bringing great happiness to your personal life through mobile technology. Our culture is centered around bringing out the best in all of us through the human-centric design process. We work hard to enable one of the most creative environments in the San Francisco Bay Area for engineers, designers, and product managers to have an impact on the world. Read More
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What We're Building

Path brings people closer together. Guided by the belief that mobile technology will fundamentally change the cultural, social, and economic landscape, Path focuses on simplicity, quality, and privacy to reinvent how you interact with the people, places, and things in your life to be more personal.

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Dave Morin
Founder & Partner @Slow Ventures
Nate Johnson
VP of Marketing @Path
Cynthia Samanian
Founder @Confetti Kitchen • Worked at @Path and @General Electric • HBS 2012
Josh Judkins
I've recently started at Facebook as a Product Specialist, after six years of bringing delight to users in Support Management positions.
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