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The First Social Talking Network

At Parlor we're committed to our team and pride ourselves that no two employees are alike. Because our people are our greatest assets, we want to help them realize their full potential. If you are highly motivated, self-managed and relish the challenge of leadership while working within a team than you will find that Parlor is a perfect fit. We promote a unique culture where you can dress as you please, work where or when you want and an energetic atmosphere are the norm.

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What We're Building

Parlor™ is the first Social Talking Network.

People want to make new friends, develop business relationships and get back to meaningful connections. People want to communicate, share ideas and discuss topics of mutual interest by doing something revolutionary - Talking!

Yet in a world of a billion apps there is not a single one that allows you to have a conversation with a random person like you would on a plane, waiting room or at a park. Parlor connects real people in real-time 1-on-1 private, audio only conversations much the same way you call your friends and family.

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Parlor Team

Joel Schwartz
Founder and CEO of @Parlor
Michael Thulen Jr.
COO at @Parlor. After years of managing bank branches and a mortgage company I am jumping into Tech with both feet.
Brian Dunigan
Backend Software Engineering, development of voip, database, and api code for @Parlor

Parlor Investors

Adrian Talapan
Founder @HouseFix, @Clarix LLC (Co-Founder; Sold to Phase Forward) • Investor @parlor-3, @RockTech • West Point, Harvard OPM. Gets things done.
Jack Katzman
My first startup Interstock I succesfully exited in July 2011 Since then i have invested in: A Steakhouse Real estate a construction Co and Parlor

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