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Passion: We believe in community and in building relationships between families and neighbors. Already, we are making a real impact in parents’ lives. Read More
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What We're Building

Millennials are becoming parents, and in the age of snapchats and instagrams, 20-something parents are forced to find advice and build community on technology reminiscent of web 1.0.

We are building a vertical social network for the next generation of parents. We are giving them timely access to local communities and resources, helping them form real-world relationships, so they can tackle biggest challenge – parenthood.

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Parenthoods Team

Jeni Diaz Axline
A seasoned client and operations executive and YC founder with over 9 years of experience leading client service and operations teams.
Luke Rhodes
Highly motivated, self-managed systems architect and full-stack developer with a focus on Node.js, React, React Native and iOS.

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Parenthoods Investors

Oliver Jung
global eCommerce, market place and general internet experience as founder, manager and investor, investor in airbnb,, facebook,,, part of leading the international rollout of airbnb, international bus dev at airbnb
David Breger
@Messenger Product at @Facebook • Mentor at @StartX • Startup investor & advisor • Led Product teams at @LinkedIn • CS at Stanford & MBA at Berkeley
Justin Kan
Co-founder of Atrium LTS and @Whale. Founded @Exec and Partner at Y Combinator.

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