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Parcel B is a syndicate of Olin alumni and associated investors who believe in the mission of Olin College and the great companies its alumni have created so far in its short history. The syndicate's mission is to help Olin Founders create successful venture-backed startups by providing capital, advice, and connections.

Parcel B is not officially associated with or financially backed by Olin College. For notes on Parcel B's backing by Bloomberg Beta's Open Angels program, please see the note under the Backers section.


Parcel B will review any company started by an Olin student or alum, but each member will choose whether or not to invest on a per-deal basis. Each member of the syndicate has their own investment criteria and can be contacted individually to discuss their own personal investment thesis. Several are committed to investing in Olin Startups broadly. Others are more interested in a specific investment thesis or rounding out their investment portfolios.

Lee Edwards
Partner at @root-ventures. Formerly CTO at @teespring, Engineer at @sidetour (acq. @groupon ) @pivotal-labs, @irobot, @franklin-w-olin-college-of-engineering
Michael Ducker
Product Manager
Founded Pinch (acq. by @Chime). Product Manager. @OlinCollege Alum. ๐Ÿ’™@Twitter.
Maia Bittner
Advising and investing. Co-founder @pinch, co-founder @rocksbox. B.Sc. in Engineering from @franklin-w-olin-college-of-engineering. Building @parcelb.
Ellen Chisa
Co-founder, @darklang. Previously: VP Product @lola-travel, Product @kickstarter. B.S. ECE from @franklin-w-olin-college-of-engineering & half of a HBS MBA.
Zach Brock
VP of Engineering
Co-founder @ Common Networks, Previously: Square, Pivotal Labs I'm mostly made of water.
Nate Smith
Founder and CTO at @lever . Author of @google Product Manager for Image Search UI. Olin College of Engineering 2007.
Brian Shih
Product @pocket-gems; Previously at @google, and co-founder at a @y-combinator startup
Greg Marra
Product Manager
Big into robots, people, internets, and how they play together. @franklin-w-olin-college-of-engineering alumni at @facebook.
Alexander Davis
Software Engineer
Frames delivered in under 16 ms
William Dvorak
Software Engineer
Google Engineer. Olin College Graduate.
Adam Kenvarg
Software Engineer
Senior Mechanical Engineer at Uber developing state of the art sensors for self-driving vehicles
Juliana Bernalostos-Boy
Research & Development
Olin College '007, PhD in Materials Science from UCSB, experience building and leading technical teams.
David Boy
Data Scientist
Data scientist and sometimes professor. Passion for computational modeling.
Nicholas Hays
Working on something new (TBA). Previously PM @ Google, first hire @ Incentive Targeting (Sold to Google) and student @ Olin College.
Frances Haugen
Product Manager
Olin College ECE BS, Harvard Business School Masters, user-oriented collaborative product designer, data miner, data scientist.
Philip Dirkse
Partner & Engineer at DISHER, Founder of Zipper Labs, Graduate of F. W. Olin College of Engineering
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Stefano Bernardi
Planet+ investor
Michael Ross
Experienced Investor. 5 Exits. 3 Venture-Backed (Kleiner and Bessemer). 1 IPO and 4 acquisitions. Google, Redpoint Ventures, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse.
Rob Ness
GP at Asymmetry Ventures. Obsessively hunts the world's best startups. Served time @harvard-university, @berkeley.
Ethan Batraski
Venture Capitalist at @venrock, Leadership @facebook, @box (IPO), @adchemy (Acquired)
Neil Littman
Founder @bioverge. VP of BD @notable-labs. Investing in the future: bio + tech @notable-labs @ligandal @echo-laboratories-1 @crowdmed @blue-mesa-health
Peter Livingston
VC at Unpopular Ventures
Zachary Lucido
Bloomberg Beta
Seed fund focused on the future of work and machine intelligence, in particular. We steer on founder NPS. Now investing out of our 3rd $75M fund.
Lee brings both operational and technical leadership expertise to the table and has long served as an advocate and tactical advisor. His ability to help early stage companies is unmatched.
Alexander Kern
For Lee Edwards's work with Distributed Systems
Lee was an angel investor in our earliest fundraising round here at Pinch. He's been instrumental to helping us build the company from the start: making the right connections for us, sourcing candidates for us to hire, and particularly for thinking through and articulating our fundraising...more
Lee rolls up his sleeves. Love working with him.
Zach Stein
For Lee Edwards's investment at Osmo Systems
Maia has been unwavering in her support of team TLM and female founders in general. She puts her money where her mouth is and her confidence in us gives us fuel to keep going! We love that she is always available for advice, making connections and strategy sessions.
Stephanie Cox
For Maia Bittner's investment at The Level Market
Alex has fantastic Opportunity Assessment - joining both Yelp and Airbnb pre-IPO.
Lee Edwards
For Alexander Davis's work at Parcel B
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