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Translating the world's videos

Join the ambitious machine learning company that's changing the world of digital media

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What We're Building

Papercup is building revolutionary video translation products using state-of-the-art speech processing and machine learning. Funded by Entrepreneur First and other leading UK VCs, Papercup has one of the best teams in the world helping video creators reach a global audience.

We're going to change the digital media industry.

We know that sounds wildly ambitious - but that's the target we're aiming for. We'll achieve it step by step.

We want to make digital video content accessible to anyone in the world, no matter what language you speak.

That's not an easy challenge. That's why we're looking for talented people who can help build and ship awesome products and lead teams.

If you want to love your job and help grow a super-ambitious company then just reach out!

Jobs at Papercup

Papercup Team

* Content creator for YouTube * Social media consultation + management * Decade of TV/Film/Commercial work * Portfolio: Shopify + Crypto
Sam Grace
Software Engineer | Full Stack Developer
Margarita Letitchevski
Works at Papercup
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